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2021 F150 Plow Truck


Bring your snow plow experience up to the next level with a fully functional snow plow and so much more. This snowy and very cold winter will make this truck great for those conditions with the very nice slater and very nice plow it has!

Vehicle Includes:

  • Mulit-Livery Compatibility
  • Movable Plow Shift = Up & CTROL = Down
  • Custom Lighting patterns
  • High Quality Assets
  • New Rims and Tires
  • Template included

Vehicles Extras Include:
Extra 1: Lightbar
Extra 2: Grill Lights
Extra 3: Rear Lighting
Extra 4: Movable Plow
Extra 5: Salt Dogg Box
Extra 6: Salt Dogg Box (Closed Lid)
Extra 7: Salt Dogg Box (Open Lid)


  • Jayce H. for Livery and selling of item
  • Flex for Making Vehicle

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